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Beginning Monday February 10th, the City of St. Cloud will activate an innovative new technology known as "Ice Pigging" intended to effectively clean city water lines. The process will be conducted in some of the most affected residential communities beginning with Old Canoe Creek Road from Neptune south to Zion. The initiative is expected to be completed by March 23rd. Please see the "Ice Pigging" schedule below:



Affected Streets


Canoe Creek Lakes

Chain Fern Court, Settlers Trail, Turtle Grass Court, Needle Palm Court, Floating Orchid Court, Cinnamon Fern Court, Lavender Way, Kayak Court


Keystone Pointe

Sand Stone Circle, Keystone Pointe Drive, Brick Drive, Lorimar Lane, Slate Road


Keystone Pointe

Lorimar Lane, Diamond Lane, Diamond Court, Keystone Pointe Drive, Sand Stone Circle


Anthem Park

Lexington Boulevard, Betsy Ross Lane


Anthem Park

Valley Forge Drive, Nathan Hale Boulevard, Patriot Way, Old Glory Way, Betsy Ross Lane, Lexington Boulevard, Centennial Avenue


Keystone Pointe & Anthem Park

Keystone Pointe Drive, Diamond Lane, Keystone Pointe Court, Old Glory Way, Valley Forge Drive, Kettle Creek Drive


Pine Lake Estates

Pinar Court, Peach Tree Boulevard, Mesa Verde Drive, Juniper Circle, Lake Trudy Drive, Lago Court, Pine Lake Drive, Oak Court, Cypress Court, Bay Court, Mesa Verde Drive, Pinon Circle, Birch Circle, Cherrywood Court


Pine Lake Estates

Ponderosa Drive, Chestnut Street, Pine Lake Drive, Sequoia Circle, Pine Lake Drive, Oak Court, Cypress Court, Bay Court


Pine Lake Estates & Canoe Creek Estates

Mesa Verde Drive, Juniper Circle, Pinon Circle, Whaleys Canoe Drive, Canoe Circle, Micah Court, Leba Lane, Talega Drive, Cialella Pass, Tikimber Way


Canoe Creek Estates & Cypress Preserve

Elbib Drive, Cypress River road, Cypress Landing, Cypress Tree Trail


Canoe Creek Estates & Sweetwater Creek

Whaleys Canoe Drive, Noah Circle, Cialella Pass, Talega Drive, Canoe Circle, Micah Court, Leba Lane, Tikimber Way, Sweetwater Boulevard, Giselle Court


Sweetwater Creek

Summer Raye Court, Deata Court, Gina Anne Court, Sweetwater Boulevard, Sweetheart Court, Giselle Court


Sweetwater Creek

Sweetwater Boulevard, Channing Drive, Gina Anne Court, Deata Court, Summer Ray Court, Sweetgum Street, Giselle Court


Verandah Lakes

Lafayette Trace Drive, Marietta Way, Asheville Lane


Magnolia Green

Flowering Peach Lane, Cedar Hammock Trail, Cedar Hammock Court


Anthem Park

Centennial Avenue, Continental Street


Anthem Park

Capital Boulevard, Patriot way, Nations Way, Blount Trail, Remembrance Avenue, Justice Lane, Congress Lane, Banner Lane, Rufus King Drive, Continental Street


Magnolia Green & Anthem Park

Cedar Hammock Court, Patriot Way, Nathan Hale Boulevard, Valley Forge Drive, Remembrance Avenue, Continental Street


Anthem Park

Continental Street, Capital Boulevard, Senate Avenue, Betsy Ross Lane, South Florida Water Management Building


Anthem Park

Betsy Ross Lane, Remembrance Avenue, Fort McHenry Boulevard, Patriot Way, Nathan Hale Boulevard, Continental Street


Canoe Creek Lakes

Zion Drive, Jebidiah Court, Settlers Trail, Prairie Iris Court, Turtle Grass Court, Cinnamon Fern Court


Canoe Creek Lakes

Settlers Trail, Prairie Iris Court, Turtle Grass Court, Cinnamon Fern Court, Zion Drive, Yellow Bird Court, Sasha Trail


Canoe Creek Lakes

Settlers Trail, Yellow Bird Court, Sasha Trail, Settlers Court


Canoe Creek Lakes

Zion Drive, Palmyra Court, Jess Evers Road, Culdesac Court, Latter Day Court, Jebidiah Loop, Jebidiah Court


Canoe Creek Lakes

Zion Drive, Jebidiah Loop, Sasha Trail, Settlers Trail, Red Bird Avenue, Sky Flower Lane, Gold Rush Lane, Climbing Aster Court


Magnolia Green & Cypress Preserve

Flowering Peach Lane, Cedar Hammock Trail, Cypress Grove Court, Cypress Forest Lane, Cypress Tree Trail, Cypress River Road, Cypress Dome Court, Cypress Landing Lane


Verandah Lakes

Marietta Way

NEW IRRIGATION RESTRICTIONS Beginning May 1, 2019 the City will be enforcing new potable water irrigation restrictions. Please make sure that you adjust your irrigation timers accordingly, following the potable irrigation schedule below. If you are a reclaim water customer, please make sure you are following the reclaim schedule below, as the City will be enforcing this schedule as well. Any resident found not to be in compliance with these new restrictions will be subject to violation notices and fines. 

Effective Sunday April 8, 2018 - St. Cloud Utilities will be temporarily shutting down the reclaim water distribution on Sunday mornings at 11 a.m. to Monday nights at 10 p.m., when no watering is permitted by the City's irrigation schedule. This will help us conserve water and recharge the reservoir. This will remain in effect until the reservoir is recharged and consumption is consistently reduced. If you have any questions about the irrigation schedule, please contact our office at 407-957-7344. Additionally, the University of Florida Osceola County Extension's Florida Yards and Neighborhoods Program is available to assist with water conservation and questions about your irrigation system. Their phone number is 321-697-3000.


City of St. Cloud Public Services Department is currently flushing hydrants periodically through out the city to test the fire flow as well as to keep water moving and keep the water mains from stagnating. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Customer Service at 407-957-7344.
The City of St. Cloud Public Services Department will be in areas throughout the City in the upcoming months to upgrade water meter(s) due to the age of the device(s).  The City has a ten (10) year replacement schedule for all water meters to ensure their accuracy and functionality. Installation is simple and only take a few minutes. Prior to a technician beginning work, they will knock on the door to notify the resident that they will be interrupting water service for approximately ten (10) to fifteen (15) minutes while the water meter is upgraded. Residents do not need to be home for the work to be done if the meter is located in the right of way.  If you have any questions, please contact customer service at 407-957-7344.


For the latest information on the status of the City's water system or unidirectional flushing please visit or call 407-957-7344.